Cyprus Center for Clefts and Facial Deformities, MEDICLEFT

The only TEAM of experts specialized in clefts and craniofacial malformations, in Cyprus.


The Cyprus Center for Clefts and Facial Deformities was founded on 2001 by Dr. Christodoulos Laspos, Orthodontist, specialist in individuals with craniofacial anomalies. The Center was established with the support of the deceased Dr. Alexandros Stratoudakis, world-known Craniofacial Surgeon, who founded the Hellenic Craniofacial Center in 1993 and literally devoted himself to the comprehensive therapy of clefts and craniofacial anomalies, treating hundreds of cases with absolute success. The vast experience of Dr. Stratoudakis is the treasured heritage of Medicleft. Since the first day of Medicleft foundation, the staffing of the TEAM with the most experienced and specialized experts, was the main and most significant target.

Today, closely cooperating with the Hellenic Craniofacial Center, the TEAM of the Cyprus Center for Clefts and Facial Deformities is successfully and thoroughly handling cases of clefts and other craniofacial deformities, with the following specialized doctors and experts:

Dr. George Psaras, Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Christodoulos Laspos, Orthodontist

Dr. Zoi Nicolaou, Oral and MaxilloFacial Surgeon

Dr. Costas Alexandrou, Plastic Surgeon (Hellenic Craniofacial Center)

Maria Kyriacou, Speech Pathologist

Sofronia Stavrinidou, Speech Pathologist

Dr. Firas Khalil, ENT Specialist

Dr. Mando Angelidou, Paediatric Dentist

Dr. Stella Ioannou, Paediatric Dentist

Dr. Paraskevas Paraskeva, Prosthodontist

Melios Athanasiades, Physiotherapist

Marina Vasileiou, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Christos Christofi, Paediatrician/ Developmental Pediatrician

Dr. Kanaris Panagopoulos, Neurosurgeon (Hellenic Craniofacial Center)

Christoula Konstantinidou, Treatment Coordinator


Medicleft is nowadays the only TEAM of specialized doctors and experts in Cyprus with proven experience based on a great number of successful surgeries and thorough treatments.


Contact information

Address: 111, Ayias Fylaxeos str., Limassol, Tel. 25735050

E-mail: [email protected]